If you are a registered member of the School of Family Life Student Association you are entitled to unique privileges and opportunities that will assist you in building a stronger undergraduate resume and meaningful relationships with some of the top family researchers in the country right here at BYU.

Those students that also register will receive a SFLSA t-shirt and if a departing senior will have the opportunity to attend the senior luncheon. All members must register and pay the $5 due once a year which will be paid online via credit or debit card. By fully completing this registration process will ensure you will be invited and have the ability to participate in all of these activities. If you have any issues with this process please contact Cara Duchene at

STEP ONE: Pay $5 Due
2. Click "BYU Student Club Dues (Q-Z)"
3. Click "SFL Student Association (School of Family Life)"
4. Fill out the appropriate information which is only used for SFLSA purposes and will not be distributed and select the button "Add to Basket."
5. Then click the button "Checkout" which will take you to the screen where you can enter your credit/debit card information.

STEP TWO: Register at
2. On the home page click the button "Log in" where you will enter your BYU net id.
3. On the next screen click the button "Add an Organization."
4. On the following screen search "SFLSA" in the box.
5. Click the first option that comes up: "School of Family Life Student Association"
6. On the next page select from the drop down box "Member" and click the button "Submit Request"

You are now a registered member! That's all you need to do to get in on all of the incredible happenings that the School of Family Life Student Association has to offer. You will now receive emails passing on specific information regarding upcoming activities and events!